The loving people in my history taught me that no matter what’s going on in the world. Don’t lose yourself. Don’t lose your ways. 
When Europeans came here, my elders and ancestors had to live their lives watching everyone they loved drop like flies by the thousands. They had to grieve… Through our ways… They would’ve had rituals to follow and others would support them through that. But, everyone was grieving, and everyone needed support. 
And all they could do was make time to honour their feelings. But they also had to set them aside. Put it on a hook, they called it. They were very hard working people. They put down the grief, and picked up love for everything they had. And they’d work in mines. Work in forestry. Some, like my grandpa, managed to remain entrepreneurial. Men managed to fish… Women managed to knit and weave… But the oppressive system establishing itself was discriminatory. And didn’t want Indians to thrive. But they still didn’t lose their ways. They loved. They worked. They grieved. And loved some more. And they prayed. 
They prayed my generation didn’t have to have so much pain and loss. They prayed we could have the freedom to have a heavy heart and sit in that grief with the support of a community. Because they saw how many people had to bury it. And that’s heartbreaking to witness. They never lost their way, but they hoped to be strong enough to pass on strength for the future. They fought the battles worth fighting. They walked away from the hopeless fights. They celebrated each day. In the way they drank their tea. In the way they played on a soccer field, paddled a racing Canoe, carved into wood, wove strips of bark into baskets, knit wool into socks and sweaters. 
And all the while… The outside world has slowly slowly been awakening to the time of the world ending. 
The end of days started when Europeans brought their diseases, their vermin, and their pain… That’s centuries now that we’ve been in the apocalypse. 
But, we’ve just been evolving and growing and crying because we watched this pain unfold and spread. 
“Remember our ways” became our mantra. This world is not a place to fear. My body is not a place to fear. My mind is not a place to fear. All beings have life. All life are beings. “Remember our ways.” 
No soul is promised life unless they breathe life into themselves. 
Try as we might to save the ones who have lost their ways. Try as we might to breathe life into them. The best we can do is live in a good way. 


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