Standardized testing in Kindergarten

You know what’s interesting… is that now it’s a lot more commonplace, apparently, for schools to be incorporating more standardized testing at earlier and earlier ages… according to ONE article I just read. Lol. But if this is true… that means that this practice has actually been something I experienced for as long as I can remember in the school system as an Indigenous person.

This could mean, that this is one more thing that the Government used Indigenous students as an experiment.

As an Indigenous student, I, and all my Indigenous peers, were called from a regularly scheduled day over the P.A. system: “All First Nations students please report to the cafeteria for the [insert name of standardized test’.”

Non-Indigenous parents are now feeling the frustration of your kid being subjected to the testing of IQ at a young age…

Sorry to tell ya, Indigenous kids have been experiencing this for at least the past 25 years. This is new to you in the 2000’s. I’m sorry. Your government never stopped its experiments on us.

Some people would say not to say sorry, but it’s authentic. I don’t want people to feel pity for my people for being the governments guinea pigs. I’m sorry that they have to suffer the same oppressions we’ve experienced for decades longer than they have. I’m sorry that they thought we were crazy when we were trying so damn hard to wake them up. I’m sorry that the chance to turn things around without a complete breakdown has passed. I’m sorry you listened to the oppressor instead of the revolutionary. I’m sorry you saw anger instead of the pain behind it. I’m sorry that you get the pain and anger on a very personal level. I’m sorry that it took you so long, because we’re all going through this shit now.

I hope to break myself free and my family free from this demonic system. Which sounds dark and extreme, but it’s true, and it’s not like I think it’s a scary monster, which it basically is… but it’s just like. “Let’s stop participating in this shitty system.” And, I think most people want to, but the desire to be socially acceptable is stronger. The thing is. People actually are looking for that refuge from the status quo. And I hope to find it or create it.


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