How did we all get here?

I’ll tell you. Magic.

When military’s invaded and attacked villages of our ancestors…  When they took over the land and confined them or murdered our ancestors’ loved ones…

They had to find and create joy.

They were in prisons (literally, or “camps”, or “ghettos” or “reserves”) and they found Friendship. They found Laughter (when the reality surrounding them was definitely not a joke). They found Creativity (pranking Indian Agents). They found Appreciation (when they craved salmon and berries but Indain Agents forced them to eat their rations they turned flour into Bannock).

Our ancestors have literally known hell on earth.

But they transformed that and made love in places love wasn’t supposed to exist.

You have that same magic. And that is why I love you. I love your magic. Remember. You are Magical.


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