My Mission and Objectives

Mission: to prove that love is magic
Love dissipates grudges, resentment, vengeful thinking.

Target: Myself

Below I will detail how I plan to carry this out. And, with each objective I will write a blog on how I came to the conclusion that this is how I will carry out the mission. Note: these things are always “If it’s within my power.” and “If it’s consensual.” And, when it’s

  1. Show compassion and kindness to people who are struggling – alleviate suffering.
  2. Trust – learn how to believe that people care about my best interests, and receive information that mirrors my positive beliefs about myself.
  3. Truth – be open the the idea that what I believe is true for me today, will be false tomorrow.
  4. Find my fears – what am I afraid to show people?
  5. Connect – with other people, with land
  6. Set goals – what am I here to do? what am I here to build? Who am I here to serve?

That’s all I have for now. It might change/be amended. I just honestly need to publish this. XD


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