How to heal from colonization 

This isn’t complete.. I’ll have to complete it later. I didn’t mean to publish it but it is what it is. This is basically a work in progress in terms of a guided meditation. In hopes that people can walk themselves through the feeling of being Indigenous… to gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to come from essentially purity and love… to this contemporary world which has deep roots of abuse of women and children, which is so foreign to many Indigenous peoples. It’s something I think many truly can’t imagine, for some reason, unless you really lay it all out. Also, it’s helpful for Indigenous people who didn’t grow up knowing the teachings of their people. Who don’t know where some deep-seated trauma comes from. It might not suit all Indigenous people, and that’s fine. It’s just one perspective of one Indigenous person. Just hoping to help people in their healing.

You need to imagine what it was like to have THE. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. and ABUNDANT. LAND. and WATER. EVER!!!
Imagine rivers so full you could walk on salmons’ backs.

Imagine skies so abundant with ducks the sky went black and all you had to do was throw a net in the air and you had food.

Imagine berry patches so lush you could feed thousands of people for almost a whole year.

Water so pure it took every negativity away and gave you strength of heart and mind.

Trees so ancient that it stood while your great great great grandparent was alive.

Love so deeply valued that your mother was taken care of just as delicately when she was menstruating as she was when she was pregnant. Because she held the future within her. She held you.

You were valued and treated with love before you were conceived… even if you might not have been born into a human form. You were valued as an egg inside your mother.

Imagine you decided to be born into this, and when you were born, grandmothers, and aunts, and cousins all took care of you and your mother while you were rapidly developing in your earliest months of life.

Imagine it was your father’s sacred job to ensure no negativity was allowed around you and your mother while she carried you inside her and while she nursed you to grow into a loved human being.

Imagine a people so honest we had places to log our lumber, trap our crabs, and places only our family fished… and those boundaries were respected. We never stole from one another because if we needed anything we just told our dear friends or relatives and they helped us out. We didn’t need to steal. You catch that? We would have told a friend or relative we didn’t have enough. We didn’t “ask” for help. That’s a different way of seeing the world.
Now imagine colonization.


Imagine brutal killings. Flat out lies. Disdain for women. Objectification of all life. Repeat. Objectification of all life. People who first came here had no concept really of soul or spirit.
They were infested with numerous diseases. All because of the shame they were taught. Sexual shame and syphilis = an unconscious method of genocide. It was explorers with STD’s. It was the businessman. The establishing government officials. The Indian Agents. The rapist priests.

The “common cold” was never experiences by my people. So when the invaders came with their “common” disease, it actually wiped us out. That’s how pure our lives were. We didn’t have common sicknesses.


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